Just a small platformer based on our cats disappearance last winter. We imagine that this is what happened in those days.

AuthorShikaka Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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I like the idea of Draw game, it's really good, the animation of the animals.Good game.

Super cute

It misses some sounds feedbacks and suffers from weird collision; also I dunno if it's meant to be a difficult game, maybe add health or something to avoid dying could be cool?

the end feels weird, maybe it's intentinal, as to remind the disapparance of the cat, but maybe there should be an actual end thing because it feels like a bug :)

Really nice game anyway !! super nice drawyings too :)

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Thanks.. I have taken care of a few collision issues, but some still remain, especially if you play with keyboard. I have also added a "you win" screen, because you're right, it was indeed a bit of a strange ending that it just said "retry". It is meant to be sort of hard yes, as there is only one level. This game was mostly a test of how ArtRage and GameMaker studio went hand in hand.

And the cat safely returned IRL after three days, btw.

Thanks again!

Good cat ! :D Glad to hear that :)