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The game

Inspired by grand strategy games and boiled down to the very casual essentials. This game is about gold and highscores. Build on your ninjas skills, buy him better weapons or replace him altogether. In the end you'll meet your rival ninja master, and your skills will be combined with those of your ninja in the final boss fight. If you win, you can make it to the highscore list, if you lose, you lose. Be sure to not pick a fight with your rival before you're ready to make it to the highscore list. You will be forced to challenge him as you reach the third level with either your ninja or your master, in any case.

Choose your destiny

You can choose between three specialties: Crime, Intel or Martial arts. This comes along with an amount of money and a ninja ranging from poorly skilled (bad ninja) to highly skilled (good ninja). This is not to be confused with easy, medium and hard level, because all choices has their ups and downs. Choose with your gut feeling - the world is a random place. A better ninja means less money and vice versa.

Skills and traits

Choose and upgrade your skills with care. You can focus on a certain skill and hope this will defeat the enemy ninjas, or you can balance them out. It's up to you. After a streak of successful missions, you may get a trait upgrade as you end the turn.

The missions

You'll notice 6 bars wiggling about during the action sequence of a mission. These run somewhat on random, yet are based on your skills and the enemy ninja skills. Be wary of the enemy ninjas specialty, as this is where he will strike once you click conclude. Wait it out and see what happens, or conclude the fight once you think you have the upper hand. Your initial standing may be good if you're told that your luck is good in the mission scroll.

The market

Here you can buy better weapons and/or replace your ninja. A new ninja can be wise in certain situations, but be aware that a new ninja always have zero traits. It's good-gaming to check the market at the beginning of each turn.

The end of a turn

This is like a review of what went down. If your ninja has been vastly successful, chances are that you will gain more money by just being a lucky bastard. If you have been thoroughly beaten tho, chances are that you will lose money on repairs, medic care and so forth. Be a winner! Good luck!


Ninja Master 63 MB

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