A downloadable game for Windows

How would the world look from the eyes of Giana? Find out here in The Great Giana 3D (jumper?). Just a fun little project, I always wondered how it would look, and now I know. It's just level 1 made rather quick. There may be updates, there may not  :) The music is my remake of the Great Giana Sisters Intro Theme, originally by Chris Hülsbeck.

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the exe.


The Great Giana 3D - Shikaka Games.zip 127 MB


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Excuse me! I have something I want to enter in the jam, but it closed an hour before I noticed it. Can I please enter this: https://jack-of-all-games.itch.io/crash-nitro-golf

That would set a poor example for those who kept the deadline, and nor do I even think it's technically possible. So sorry mate! Next time. Game looks good, too.