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How would the world look from the eyes of Giana? Find out here in The Great Giana 3D (jumper?). Just a fun little project, I always wondered how it would look, and now I know. It's just level 1 made rather quick. There may be updates, there may not  :) The music is my remake of the Great Giana Sisters Intro Theme, originally by Chris Hülsbeck.

Published Jul 11, 2017
AuthorShikaka Games

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the exe.


The Great Giana 3D - Shikaka Games.zip 127 MB


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Excuse me! I have something I want to enter in the jam, but it closed an hour before I noticed it. Can I please enter this: https://jack-of-all-games.itch.io/crash-nitro-golf

That would set a poor example for those who kept the deadline, and nor do I even think it's technically possible. So sorry mate! Next time. Game looks good, too.